Wilsons Promontory: the War Years 1939-1945, by Terry Synan

Download chapter – PDF 210kB
Download A History of Wilsons Promontory – PDF 2.8mB

Under the Victorian National Parks Service (NPS) of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (CNR), Wilsons Promontory is one of Victoria’s protected natural areas.  However, there were times when the Prom in its turn played vital roles in protecting the nation.

Since 1859 South-east Point has hosted a lighthouse devoted to assisting shipping through Bass Strait.  During wartime, the Prom was assigned key defence roles – in a smaller way during World War 1, but in a large and significant way during World War 2.

Wilsons Promontory is strategically located on the Australian continent.  It reaches almost 40 km into Bass Strait, virtually bisecting the important Sydney-Melbourne sea lane and presenting a commanding interrogation post for all ships using that route.  When the Department of the Navy, Melbourne, decided to establish lookout-positions around the coastline during wartime, South-east Point with its clear seaward views became a prime location…

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Download and read the entire chapter Wilsons Promontory: the War Years – PDF 210kb


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