5. Land Subdivision, Surveys and Temporary Reserves

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In 1890 the Field Naturalists’ Club again approached Mr Dow, who claimed to be in complete accord with the objects of the deputation.

He assured them that the ‘remainder’ of the Promontory (whatever that might have been) would be permanently reserved for State purposes and that suitable regulations for the management of the reserve would be prepared by the Lands Department and submitted to the Club for approval. It sounded all very well. It was now only a question of waiting for the Government to act.

It did, but not in the way so cheerfully anticipated.

District surveys were going on steadily and patiently. The old holdings were being broken up in accordance with the provisions of the amended Land Acts.

Seaforth and Yanakie townships had been proclaimed in the previous year, and in either 1891 or 1892 Black and his party were busily laying out the pattern for the future town.

In 1892 the Postal and Telegraph Department seized a few acres at the Darby River and, in 1893, the old Yanakie Station was truncated, the dismembered piece from Shallow Inlet to the Darby River being brought into the new parish of Yanakie South.

Both Yanakie and Yanakie South were subdivided into a number of large grazing blocks which were thrown open for long term lease but without pre-emptive rights…

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