3. The Township of Seaforth, and Tin Mining

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Alexander Black was the man who surveyed the 110 mile Black–Allen border line between Victoria and New South Wales, from the Indi River to Cape Howe, in 1871–2. He was not only a very experienced surveyor but a seasoned bushman as well—one who would hardly be daunted by the morasses and swamps nor the sand dunes of the Singapore Peninsula.

The Prom’s Singapore Peninsula has an interesting history which stemmed from the developments taking place on the mainland shores of the Inlet and from various activities on the Promontory itself—activities such as sealing, logging and milling, lighthouse construction, coast and geological surveying, prospecting, fishing, cattle grazing, dingo trapping, hunting of koalas and wallabies and other sporting proclivities.

In the course of time the Peninsula became what must have been something like the distributing centre for the needs of those who for one reason or another, roamed the Promontory…

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  1. Readers may be interested in the 1993 book “The Rise and Fall of the Mt Hunter Tin Mine” by Ian McKellar ISBN 0 9587 492 21 copy in the Vic. State Library.
    The book is copiously illustrated and has a bibliography.

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