11. Post-war History of the Prom – 1946 to 1963

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Our survey of the history of Wilsons Promontory National Park has brought us rather deviously to recent times and there is little left to tell that is not well known to the visitor of today.

The alleged aftermath of the military occupation aroused considerable and quite widespread concern. Once more the Field Naturalists Club took the initiative and set up a committee to examine and report upon conditions as they were found to exist in the National Park after the departure of the army.

The enquiry showed that a considerable amount of ‘rehabilitation’ would have to be undertaken if the Promontory were to fulfil its function as a National Park and Nature conservation reserve.

The committee did not confine its attention to Wilsons Promontory. It made specific recommendations about each of the existing National Parks in Victoria and a general recommendation that the Government create a controlling authority for them all—an authority which would be endowed with sufficient funds to carry out the maintenance and developmental work so obviously needed.

The committee’s report was published in June 1946 and it received the wholehearted support of the public and the press…

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