10. Indigenous and Exotic Fauna of the Prom

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The fauna of the National Park has been studied by a number of people but, excepting the birdlife, with rather less intensity than has the vegetation.

The Promontory is capable of harbouring a very diverse avifauna. Its capacity for doing so is governed by a number of factors, some more apparent than others. For example, a fire can completely destroy a habitat, which may take decades to restore to something resembling its original character. Indeed, it may never recover that character at all.

In its place may arise another set of associations to furnish a territory for birds (and other wildlife) very different from that which sheltered the original inhabitants.

A succession of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ seasons—by which, generally speaking, is meant periods of unusual rainfall or lack of it, or phenomenally hot summers or cold winters (or vice versa)—can bring about alterations in an environment and cause profound changes in the composition and density of faunal populations.

A road built through a previously trackless area can provide a corridor for easy movement of animals to new territories…

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